SEO LAB offers an internet marketing service in Pinetown.

SEO and Local SEO Company in Pinetown

Local SEO Company

SEO LAB is a local SEO company in Pinetown.

Local SEO

Local SEO is when we optimize for your local area, usually, the local location where the business is based. For businesses with multiple locations, we optimize all location areas. SEO LAB is an expert at local SEO optimization in Pinetown.

Local Citations

Local citation listings help get businesses discovered locally by search engines. Local citations are a big local ranking factor. Local citations must be managed to ensure the information displayed is always correct and up to date. SEO LAB endeavours to keep you covered by adding your business to the highest-ranking citations in and around Pinetown.

Google My Business Management

Google My Business is the core of local SEO. Correct management of Google My Business cannot be over-emphasised.

If you are a local business wanting local traffic and local clients it is advisable to hire a Local SEO company to manage your Google listings. SEO LAB has a Google My Business agency account, giving it an advantage, as we have tons of experience bringing our clients calls and leads to their businesses directly from the Google Local 3-Pack in Pinetown.

Review Management

Reviews are one of the top-ranking factors for local SEO, accounting for 15% of the local algorithm. Reviews show search engines other internet users trust a business. SEO LAB in Pinetown manages your review program on your behalf.

Local Backlinks

Local backlinks show Google that a website is trusted locally. To be successful at local SEO it is important to build the correct local backlinks. SEO LAB in Pinetown, for a successful backlink campaign.

SEO Company

SEO LAB is an SEO Company in Pinetown, South Africa.


SEO stands for search engine optimization. Search engine optimization is when we optimize websites to be found in search results. SEO LAB is an SEO company in Pinetown.

SEO Services

SEO services to increase your rankings, and in return increases traffic to your website, resulting in increased leads and revenue. SEO services are offered by SEO companies and SEO agencies. SEO LAB is an SEO agency in Pinetown.

Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization falls into two service categories, On-Page SEO and Off-Page SEO. SEO LAB offers both On-Page and Off-Page SEO services in Pinetown.

On-Page SEO

On-Page SEO is the optimization of the website including coding, keywords, content and image optimization, the website’s structure, formatting and scheme markup. SEO LAB in Pinetown will optimize your site perfectly.

Keyword Research

Keyword research is important to find the keywords that search mostly for your products or services. SEO LAB in Pinetown uses the best SEO tools available for in-depth keyword research, with precise results. We research your niche in-depth to determine who your biggest online competitors are. We then turn the focus the keyword research directly on your competitors who are currently outranking you.

Content Creation

Creating content for SEO is different from conventional writing. When we write content for websites or search engines, we are instructing the algorithms we are what they are searching for, but just as importantly, we need our clients and customers to relate to the content.

We use the keywords from our keyword research within the content. SEO LAB offers content creation services in Pinetown.

Off-Page SEO

Off-Page SEO is everything off of the actual site. It includes optimizing Google and Bing search engines correctly indexing the pages and updating the sitemap. Creating backlinks is an off-page SEO. The majority of SEO work takes place in the backend of the search engines, which also falls under this bracket. SEO LAB in Pinetown offers Off-Page SEO services.


Backlinks are links on other websites that link to your website. Good backlinks are fantastic ranking factors because they show search engines that other website owners trust your site by linking to it. SEO LAB in Pinetown research backlinks thoroughly and only add valuable backlinks that carry lots of SEO juice.

Advantages of SEO and Local SEO services

Get Higher Rankings on Google

SEO services get you higher rankings on Google, which enables your website to get found on Google.

Increased Website Traffic on Google

When you get found on Google you get more clicks on your website. More clicks bring lots of new website traffic.


SEO done correctly, has the highest return on investment of all digital marketing platforms. More traffic to your site brings new leads constantly. View SEO LAB’s Google reviews and see what clients say about SEO LAB’s ROI in Pinetown.

Digital Marketing Service

SEO is the digital marketing service with the best ROI. SEO LAB is a digital marketing company in Pinetown.


Pinetown is a small city that is part of the eThekwini Metropolitan Municipality, inland from Durban in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. Pinetown is situated 16 km west of Durban at an elevation of 1,000 to 1,300 feet.

Landmarks in Pinetown

Wayside Cross War Memorial

You can find the Wayside Cross at about 67 Josiah Gumede (Old Main) Road, Pinetown, next to the Pinetown Library. After World War 1 a sandstone memorial was erected and maintained by the Pinetown community. After World War II additional names were added. There is a slab that commemorates Pinetown boys killed in the so-called Border War of the 1970s and 1980s.

In November every year, since 2006, the Wayside Cross Ceremony (Parade) is held at the Wayside Cross in the Pinetown Library Grounds. The Ceremony is a MOTH (‘Memorable Order of Tin Hats’) Parade, hosted by Better ‘Ole Shellhole.

Mission Station – Saint Wendolins Mission

St Wendelin’s is situated about 14 km from Central Pinetown, on land owned by the Roman Catholic Diocese of Mariannhill and individual African Plot Holders. The Wendolins Area was Settled by the Maphumulo and Mangangeni Ethnic Groups, before the Colonization by White people.


The Mangengeni Community was Settled along the Umhlatuzana River in the Pinetown area. With the arrival of Missionaries, Chief Manzini asked the Missionaries to work with the Community, to teach them to Read and Write. In 1882 Father Franz Pfanner bought Zeekoegat, a Farm from the Natal Colonization Company, and Marianhill Mission was Built on this land.  The Church also brought surrounding Farms including an Adjacent Farm known as Klaarwater. It was on part of this Farm that the Community of St. Wendolins was Established. African Church Members, were allowed to Buy or Lease Land, at St Wendolins from the Mission.


Between 1930 and 1950 the Land was divided into 140 Plots and Sold to Resident Catholic Members. By 1950, there were about 80 Freehold Title Stands, which became known as the St Wendolins  Ridge. Other people who did not Buy stands Paid for the Right to remain on Mission, owned Land, this Area became known as Savannah Park. In 1950 the Apartheid Government warned the Church against Selling Land to Africans and as a result, Land Acquisition, by African people was stopped. In August 1957, St Wendolins Residents were astonished when plans for implementing the Group Areas Act, were announced in the Magisterial District, of Pinetown. 

St Wendolins Ridge, Pinetown, 3609


Winston Park Avenue of trees

2 Jan Smuts Ave, Winston Park, Gillitts, 3610


Things to do in Pinetown

Paradise Valley

The Paradise Valley Nature Reserve, 100 hectares of coastal and remnant grassland, boasts one of the two national monuments to be found in Pinetown – The Umbilo Waterworks, which were built in 1887. All four of the trails in the reserve start at the Interpretive Centre and head down through the picnic area.

Paradise Valley


uShaka Marine World

uShaka is situated on Durban’s Golden Mile, in South Africa. We bring together cultures, like no other place in Africa – into a safe, secure and clean environment that resonates the sound of fun, laughter, and the spirit of togetherness.

Ushaka Marine World

Giba Gorge Mountain Bike Park

Nestled in a lush green valley alongside the N3 freeway just outside Pinetown, lies Giba Gorge, MTB Park. A place for outdoor enthusiasts with something suitable for the whole family, from kids to grandparents. Whether it is the kids scooting around the BMX track, the avid mountain bikers & trail runners making use of the single track trails, the adrenalin-fuelled downhillers, or the families and couples choosing to picnic on the lawn or relax in the outdoor restaurant, there is something to appeal to everyone of all ages and sizes. 

Giba has officially been around since the start of 2007 when Chris and Steve Harburn decided to cut some trails onto property they had purchased when they took over Stockville Quarry. This started something in motion that could not have been foreseen, the future of Giba Gorge MTB Park. From its inception, it was with the help of friends and biking enthusiasts, that the park gained popularity and momentum, to such an extent that the park has always been trying to keep up with the demand of its visitors. The bike & lifestyle park has its hub based around the picnic area, restaurant, and BMX track, with single track trails that lead off in various directions covering an additional 300 hectares of privately owned land. Riding here has always been at the discretion of the individual landowners, without whom the progress and variety of the trails would not have been possible.

Giba Gorge Mountain Bike Park

Hotels in Pinetown

Summerhill Estate culinary retreat

9 Belvedere Rd, Cowies Hill, Pinetown, 3610

Summerhill Estate, established in 1997 by Christine Richter, has successfully accomplished a combination of casual ambiance paired with professionalism in hospitality. 

With 14 individually designed, fully air-conditioned, and spacious rooms spread across 13.000 square meters of indigenous gardens and heirloom food crops, you’re sure to find your perfect match.

Summerhill Estate is based at the top of Cowies Hill and has commanding views of the sea and outstanding indigenous landscapes. At night the lighting is enchanting and the whole experience is the perfect getaway for every hard-working individual.

There is something about Summerhill Estate – you can feel it the moment you enter the driveway. The daily hustle and pressure drift away and suddenly, you feel lighter. Difficult to imagine that you are in the midst of everything that is Durban…

Summerhill Estate

Ammazulu African Palace

20 Windsor Rd, Kloof, Durban, 3640

Ammazulu African Palace is unique luxury accommodation on the edge of the Kloof Gorge and Krantzkloof Nature Reserve. A truly spectacular boutique hotel for you to relax and unwind in. Experience a special stay in the elaborately crafted and decorated walkways, halls, and bedrooms using beadwork and African art, artifacts, and statues, specifically covering the Zulu Culture. You can pamper yourself in our sauna or steam room or merely lounge on one of the many decks overlooking the beautiful & natural surroundings with zebra grazing a few meters away in the reserve. All this and more awaits you a mere 20-minute drive from Durban City center.

Ammazulu Palace

Westville Bed & Breakfast

Emma and Nic Jacobs invite you to stay at their exclusive 5-star Bed & Breakfast in the heart of Westville Durban.  Whether you are visiting Durban as a tourist, for a wedding or a sporting event, or on business or for a conference, Westville B&B welcomes you to stay in one of their 5-star rooms for the ultimate home-away-from-home.

Westville B&B: Executive 5-star Bed & Breakfast

Shopping Centre in Pinetown


Style, charm, and convenience, right on your doorstep. The recently refurbished Fields Hill Shopping Centre is in the heart of Kloof and in the hearts of the residents of the upper highway area. Originally the Old Fields Hotel, the building was restored several years ago and has retained the appeal and character which the landmark building was renowned for. It’s the epitome of easy shopping with free parking close to a variety of shops lined along the exterior. Pick ’n Pay and Virgin active are situated within the mall, near the courtyard area, a wonderful spot to meet for a cup of coffee. Pick ’n Pay has convenient extended shopping hours and access to the shopping centre is a pleasure directly off Old Main Road and the M13. Fields Hill Shopping Centre is equipped with generators – so there is no need to worry about power outages when you need to do your shopping.

Nearby Airport Pinetown

King Shaka International Airport

Built for the 2010 World Cup, this airport serves both international and domestic destinations.

Public Transport in Pinetown

Dunga N S

17 Trafalgar Park, 18a Trafalgar Place, Pinetown, 3610


Jean Junction

17 Kings Rd, New Germany, Pinetown, 3610


Fraser D F

10 Annerley Rd, Pinetown, New Germany, 3610

Pinetown Civic Centre directions to SEO LAB

60 Kings Rd, New Germany, Pinetown, 3620

Pinetown Civic Centre
60 Kings Rd, New Germany, Pinetown, 3620

Take Kings Rd to St Johns Ave/M19
2 min (550 m)

Follow M19 and N2 to Mount Moriah, KwaMashu
15 min (18.8 km)

Take Old North Coast Rd and Glen Anil St to NMR Ave/Umhlanga Rocks Dr/M12
6 min (3.3 km)

Sharp left onto NMR Ave/Umhlanga Rocks Dr/M12
2 min (900 m)

Drive to your destination
2 min (240 m)
Ridge, 14 Ocean Ridge, 1 Utshani Cl, La Lucia, Durban, 4019

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