This is a guide to choosing a good SEO company before hiring. There are some excellent digital agencies in South Africa offering their services on Google. Always do your own research before making your final decision.

Which is the best search engine optimization company in South Africa?

There are many excellent search engine optimization companies in South Africa, but which is the best search engine optimization company in South Africa?

How to compare which search engine optimization company in South Africa?

Comparing the best search engine optimization companies in South Africa can be done by searching for SEO agencies in your area. Those that rank highly in the search results for SEO services obviously know what they are doing, because search engine optimization companies should be able to rank their own websites if they know what they are doing. After all, our business is about getting our client’s websites to rank on the first page of Google. If we can do that against the heavy competition of outranking other SEO agencies, then surely we can do the same for our clients.

Search engine optimization for e-commerce websites in South Africa

If you own an e-commerce website and are looking for a search engine specialist, you would need to find an SEO provider that is able to rank your website nationally or most probably even internationally, depending on your products and target countries.

The best SEO Companies to Rank e-commerce website in South Africa

You would definitely be looking for one of the top SEO companies in South Africa. You can do this by searching for “the best SEO companies to rank e-commerce websites in South Africa”.

The web lab could be an option if you feel SEO LAB is not a good fit for your SEO needs. Ruby Digital is good; their own rankings are pretty impressive.

Increasing organic ranking in search results in South Africa

The SEO company you need to partner with should be ranking high in organic search engine rankings. The websites we found on the first page of Google when we searched “which is the best search engine optimization company in South Africa” were SEO LAB, The Web Lab, and Ruby Digital. The others listed on page one were all citation sites. Citation sites are websites that list the top SEO companies, but any agency could list their websites on them for a fee, so we advise not going with them. SEO LAB will list your own website on these citations once you partner with us. The other SEO websites found on the first page of search results are all ads. Any company can place ads, so those are not who you are looking to partner with to get your organic rankings up.

Which is the Best Local SEO Company in South Africa?

To discover which is the best local SEO Company in South Africa you should do a similar test to what we did above. Do a search for “which is the best Local SEO Company in South Africa”. Again we suggest calling one of the top SEO Agencies you find on the first page of the search results. The others again will be either ads or citations.

Services offered by the best local SEO Agencies

The best local SEO agencies should offer the following services;
Google My Business Management
Website content publishing
– Online branding awareness
– Backlinking
– Citation management
– Geo-targeting

The best SEO Agencies in South Africa will all have good reviews

Before hiring deciding which is the best SEO agency for your business get references from some of their current clients. Call the references to verify the clients are truly happy with the SEO services they have been receiving from the agency, and ask if their rankings have improved. But most importantly enquire if their businesses have grown since hiring the SEO company.
Check their Google reviews online yourself.


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