How to Be Found on Google

Be Found on Google

How to Be Found on Google

Does your business need to be found on Google? learn how to be found on Google. All businesses need to have a website and Google Profile to be found on Google. Think about how you, as a consumer, search for new businesses online. That’s how customers look for businesses like yours, too. Make sure that your service business can be found by claiming your Business Profile on Google and creating a website.

83% of consumers expect to be able to get in contact with a service business online.

Show up on Google Search and Maps

Most consumers turn to Google to search for services they need. If you have a physical location or work primarily with local customers, you can turn those searches into customers by claiming Business Profile on Google. A complete profile gives potential customers the information they need to select your services.

Create a business website

Creating a website for your business is a powerful marketing tool. Having a dedicated website for your business allows you to be found in online search results when potential customers look for services and products you offer.

Optimize your website

Once you have a website, you have a place where customers can find out more about what you offer. Next, you’ll want to make sure people can find your website on search engines. One way to do this is through Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Make It Easy For Customers To Interact With You Online

As a business owner, you want to make doing business with you as simple as possible for potential customers. Customers won’t shop with you if they can’t locate information about your business

New customers will be more likely to do business with you if they can navigate around your website easily, with easy call-to-action instructions.

Increase traffic to your website by optimizing your Business Profile on Google Search and Maps, and create a customer-friendly website experience.

Make the most out of your Business Profile on Google

A Business Profile on Google helps physical businesses stand out on Google Search and Maps. You can manage how your business appears on Google by adding photos, updating your hours, linking to your website, and a lot more.

Information to include in your Business Profile on Google

Making sure your business is easy to find online is key to converting customers online. The majority of your customers use search engines like Google to find information about local businesses such as store hours, addresses, and directions.

What information do shoppers want to see in your Business Profile?

Provide detailed explanations about the business, customers want to know what sets your company apart from the competition. Details like “family-owned,” “fair trade,” or “third-generation” might help set you apart from the competition.

Add which days you are open, with your opening and closing hours for each day of the week. Hours that are up to date, include “special hours” in your Business Profile, which automatically updates your opening and closing times on holidays and for special events.

Your business details should be added. Customers will appreciate knowing all the numerous methods they can shop with you if you add profile attributes like “curbside pickup” or “delivery” to your listing.

Eye-catching photos and videos. Your Business Profile lets you add logos, photos, and videos of your business. Adding interior and exterior photos gives shoppers an idea of your store’s atmosphere and can help your unique branding stand out.

What customers want from your website

Offer flexible delivery options. In today’s online world, the customer is king, and that extends to delivery, too. Offering free delivery can help make your business more attractive to shoppers. Shows your commitment to superior customer service.

Feature reviews upfront. Customers trust recommendations and want to see customer reviews about a business before deciding to contact them. Feature selected reviews prominently on your homepage where customers can’t miss them.

Use high-resolution product images, seeing is believing. Products with high-resolution images are more likely to appear in relevant search queries and will capture customers’ attention while building trust in your brand. Learn more about Google’s required product image sizes.

Improve your site speed. First impressions make a big difference. clients expect your website to load quickly (especially on mobile devices) or they’ll go somewhere else. In fact, improving your site load time by just 0.1 seconds can boost your conversion rate by 8 percent.3

Make it easy for customers to find you online

Making it easy for customers to find your Business Profile online and website can make a significant impact on your bottom line. Businesses should be sure to complete their Business Profile on Google to drive foot traffic and should pay attention to website best practices.

Let customers contact you from Google Search and Maps

With your Business Profile and website, you can make it easy for customers to understand the services you offer, message or call you, and even book appointments directly from Google Search and Maps.

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