Google My Business Top 3 Ranking Factors

Google use 3 main factors when deciding which businesses to display in the search results.

Google My Business Ranking Factors

Google recognizes many different types of searches, and local search is one of those types. A local search is when an internet user isn’t just looking for the best service or product website, local search is when the user is searching for the best services or product near them. They don’t need to include the “near me” in their search request. Google will automatically include a selection of the top local results, and these results will link directly to their Google My Business profiles and website.

How does Google determine which businesses are included in the local search results?

Google uses three main ranking factors to determine which businesses are included in these local search results.


Relevance refers to how well the business listing matches what Google thinks the user is looking for. Relevance includes geo-relevance and topic-relevance. Local relevance is the first step a business needs to overcome to be considered by Google for local results.


Distance is important in local search results. Google uses mobile technology and GPS to determine a users location. Most times a user doesn't need to add a location in the search request, Google will list local search results relevant to what Google already knows about the user's location from their history. Google will show the user how far each business is from them.


There are two different aspects of prominence that the local search engine algorithm considers when ranking your business in local results: offline, and online.

Offline prominence would well know landmarks such as hotels, restaurants, museums or shopping malls. They are household names and usually well-established businesses.

Online prominence is determined by the information Google has about the business in their search engines. The information will include backlinks, citations, reviews, the website on-page SEO and the organic rankings of the keywords on the site.

Google My Business best practices and a solid SEO marketing campaign will cause any business to succeed online locally if set up and managed correctly.

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