How to get Faster loading Pages on Your Website with AMP

AMP Accelerated Mobile Pages

AMP for faster loading pages on your website.

AMP/ Accelerated Mobile Pages Project will serve your website pages faster to internet users if your website is set up to serve AMP pages. Your website will load faster on mobile devices. AMP is Google’s open-source initiative to the world that allows any webmaster to create faster-loading pages for any website. Which means if you use AMP faster-loading internet pages it gives you an edge over your opposition. The AMP project was launched in October 2015. Since then a lot of progress has been made, the initial teething problems have been ironed out. Expect Google to begin giving preference to websites making use of Accelerated Mobile Pages in search results as the pursuit of a faster internet gathers pace.

SEO LAB has published numerous articles using AMP format and they’re all showing in the top search result rankings.  We expect it won’t be long now before Bing and other search engines release their own version of faster loading pages for mobile devices.

How do faster loading internet pages for your website benefit your business?

For starters, users spend less on data. AMP uses an average of eight times less data to load a page. Pages load an average of four times faster saving users time. Imagine a user that spends a lot of time searching the internet. On average users abandon a search that takes longer than three seconds to load. If your website isn’t optimized for Accelerated Mobile Pages you could be losing potential clients.

Do all businesses need faster loading pages?

Faster loading internet pages for your website might not have an immediate impact on your business. But it’s going to give you an advantage over your opposition. The more the public becomes aware of what AMP is and the advantages of clicking on sites using it no business can be left behind.

AMP for WordPress websites

If your website is built with WordPress CMS, you should waste no time setting your website to publish AMP fast loading pages. If you do not have the technical knowhow SEO LAB can assist in setting up your AMP pages.

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