How to Choose an SEO Company

Are you considering hiring an SEO Company to take care of your SEO digital marketing?

The best time to hire is when you’re redesigning or planning a new website. This way the SEO is involved from the beginning to ensure the site structure and design is in line with search engine requirements.

However a good SEO will conduct an SEO audit of your existing website, and then make the necessary improvements to move forward successfully

 Questions to ask the SEO Company before hiring

Ask the SEO Company for a meeting or conduct a Zoom or Skype virtual meeting.

These are some of the questions you should ask the SEO consultant:

  • Ask to see the results of their current work. A good SEO Company will have records of monthly SEO reports and keyword ranking reports.
  • Ask for contactable references of current clients. Call these their clients and get testimonials.
  • Ask if they follow the Google Webmaster Guidelines.
  • Ask the SEO consultant if they offer any other services or advice to improve your business online.
  • Ask what kind of results you can expect to see, and in what time frame can you expect results.
  • Ask the SEO consultant why they think, they will have success in your industry.
  • If you’re a local business, ask what experience the SEO Company has with local SEO and Google Maps.
  • If you’re targeting international clients ask them about their experience in international SEO, again ask for references.
  • Ask the consultant to explain what SEO techniques they use.
  • Ask how long they’re been in the SEO and online digital marketing industry.
  • Ask how you can communicate with them? Find out if. And how they communicate SEO reports to you.

Does the SEO Company show interest in you and your business?

If they’re not showing interest, find an SEO Company that does show interest. They should ask questions such as:

  • What makes your business unique?
  • Who your customers are?
  • How can website traffic help your business make money?
  • Do you invest in other advertising or online marketing?
  • Who are your main competitors?

A good SEO Company will conduct a technical and search audit

Ask the SEO consultant to explain the SEO audit reports so you know what work they are going to be conducting on your site.

Should you hire this SEO Company?

After assessing all the above information decide if you want to hire this SEO Company.



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